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Puky LR1BR Learner Bikes Kids UK

The Puky LR1BR learner bike features pneumatic tyres a rear brake and a kick stand. Puky Balance bikes are all powder coated which makes them more scratch resistant than normal paint to keep them looking new for longer. The LR1 BR is a braked version of the Popular LR1 which gives the LR1BR the ablility to train your child to brake and stop effectively. This Training bike is our best selling learner bicycle and come very highly recomended by parents all over Europe and much loved by the children that use it.

The Puky LR1 is Mumsnet BEST BUY 5/5

LR1BR learner bike RED ref 4033

LR1BR learner bike Ocean blue ref 4036

LR1BR learner bike Capt'n Sharkey 4038

LR1BR learner bike GREEN ref 4035

LR1BR learner bike Lillifee PINK ref 4039

LR1BR Learner Bike Yellow ref 4040

Order before 2.00pm Mon-Fri for next working day delivery.
For urgent orders please ring 0151 3340222.

Puky LR1BR learner bike features

  • Balance bike frame with low step through
  • Special learner bike saddle
  • Ball bearing wheels and steering
  • Safety handlebar grips
  • Pneumatic tyres47-203 (12")
  • Height adjustable saddle and handlebar
  • Brake system suitable for children

Puky LR1BR learner bike highlights

  • Balance bike frame with low step through
  • Special learner bike saddle
  • Brake system suitable for children

From 90cm

minimum 35cm Instep (Inside Leg length)

Recommended accessories

Water bottle not included
Puky Learner Bike Bag has a Built in carry strap

LRM Learner Bike Red Bag ref 9701

LRM Learner Bike Blue Bag ref 9707

LRM Learner Bike Green ref 9709

LRM Learner Bike Pink ref 9702

Prices above are for the Puky carry bag only! Fits all learner bikes!

Bicycle bell - Blue

Bicycle bell - Red

Bicycle bell - Pink

Bicycle carry strap

Bicycle hand pump

Puky accessories

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