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Puky R1 Scooter

The Puky R1 Scooter is Puky's starter scooter designed to give stability and mobility to younger children from 2 years of age or 90 cm height. The Puky R1 Scooter is presented in bold radiant colours and finished with top quality powder coated paint for durability.

Puky ref 5163

Puky ref 5156

Puky ref 5162

Puky R1 Scooter Features

  • Steering with ball bearing
  • Safety handlebar grips
  • Top quality foam tyres and non slip platform with trendy star design
  • High quality powder coating.

Puky R1 Scooter Highlights

  • Steering with ball bearing
  • Top quality foam tyres
  • Non slip platform

From 90cm

Puky R1 Scooter Dimensions

Scooter bell - Blue

Scooter bell - Red

Scooter bell - Pink

Helmet - Small/Medium

Helmet - Medium/Large

Hand pump