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Puky LW1 Babywalker

The PUKY babywalker is a recommendation for all parents who want practical support for their children whilst they learn how to walk. Due to its well thoughtout construction it is very stable and the rolling resistance of its wheels is easy to regulate. Thus your child is kept grounded and is ideally supported during the learning process. The wide variety of play functions promotes your child?s fantasy and creativity.

Experience jpoyful movements step by step. Puky ensures the safety of youre children even as they become mobile. Mobiloity for small children now starts with the LW1 babywalker. This 3 in 1 concept is typical of Puky designs. Children and parents can enjoy real added value as the vehicle unites walking, learning 7 playing. The learning games box and the 3 wooden elements train motorskills and hand-eye coordination. After your child has learned to walk, the vehicle becomes the perfect trasnporter for soft toys, dolls and other favourite toys.

Naturally wood - For small children, wood is the ideal material. It feels pleasant in the hand and is highly robust. For this reason, the vehicle body is produced from high-quality beechwood.

Wooden building blocks - Learning about shapesthrough play. 3 building blocks are included with every Puky babywalker. there is a pracitcal storage space for them in the vehicle.

Added value inclusive!

1.) 3x adjustable push bars for optimum protection against tipping in "Learning to walk" mode and maximum freedom of stride in "Transport to play mode"
2.) Indivually adjustable single wheel arrestor
3.) High play quality through large range of uses and integrated storage compartment
4.)Learning games box with wooden blocks
5.) Child orientated design

Puky LW1 Baby Walker Red
Puky LW1 Baby Walker Pink

Pink version also comes with the wooden shapes