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Puky Home Page - Toddler

Puky Toddler Range

Welcome to our Puky Toddler Range for children aged above one year. The Puky Toddler range have a low centre of gravity for a guaranteed high stability in every situation and an ergonomic seat for a firm sitting so that yor child can move freely and is nevertheless sitting firmly.

Puky Wutsch

PUKY has done it again! After the tremendous success of the Learner Bikes PUKY has designed the Woosh or 'Wutsch' in German. The Mini Learner is targetted at the smaller child who wants to get up and go on his or her own vehicle. Click here to go to the Puky Wutsch

Puky Toy Car

This toy car is designed for hours of fun both inside and out for all young budding racers! Your child can do a complete circle on this car with out having to lift it up! Tight corners and bends are not a problem. Just watch out when your child learns about the little horn. Click here to go to the Puky Toy Car

Puky LW1 Babywalker

The PUKY babywalker is a recommendation for all parents who want practical support for their children whilst they learn how to walk. Due to its well thoughtout construction it is very stable and the rolling resistance of its wheels is easy to regulate. Thus your child is kept grounded and is ideally supported during the learning process. The wide variety of play functions promotes your child?s fantasy and creativity.