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Puky Toddler Toy Car Racer

Designed to help babies and small children who have already learnt how to sit and crawl, the Puky Toddler Toy Car supports small children in their development and promotes merriment and confidence in movement and motion!

A new and exciting experience for toddlers, the Puky Toddler Toy Racer encourages toddlers to develop a powerful and lasting leg motion in order to propel their vehicle into action.

Featuring a sporty steering wheel with integrated horn, easy steering, silent wheels and ergonomic leg support for development and comfort the Puky Toy Car Racer is also available in four different designs to suit whatever personality your little one is rocking.

Puky ref 1803

Puky ref 1809

Puky ref 1808

Puky ref 1806

Puky Toy Car Features

  • Silent comfort wheels
  • Sporty steering wheel with integral horn
  • Instrument panel decoration
  • Patented steering
  • Very high steadiness
  • Patented steering

Puky Toy Car Highlights

  • Low centre of gravity: for a very high steadiness
  • Ergonomic seat: for a firm sitting
  • Ergonomic leg mould

From 75cm

Puky Toy Car Dimensions

Parent Pole For Toy Car