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Puky CAT S6 Ceety Trike Buggy all in one Kids UK

From 85cm

Puky CAT S6 Ceety®

Three, two, one... the new Puky "CAT S6 Ceety" is here. This countdown also stands for its unique concept - as the first tricycle to combine two vehicles into one so that young parents with small children can always be mobile every day. The agile Puky Ceety is just as suitable for the playground as for every day trips to town. In city mode it is a convenient tricycle to push, in play mode it is an active play tricycle to pedal. Whichever mode you choose it offers parents and children a new form of cycling fun together on the way through life.

The 2 in 1 comfort system offers a variety of functions and equipment that up till now are unique and offer long term benefits. The PUKY Ceety can be fun for parents and children up to the age of four every day.When in city mode the vario comfort guide pole is fixed in place and can be individually adjusted so that parents can take their children in hand safely and comfortably whilst the little ones can sit happily in the comfortable seat with a high back rest, discovering the world around them.

On removing the high comfort backrest the Puky Ceety becomes a full fledged safety play tricycle in play mode. The child can playfully learn motor co-ordination of their arms and legs on it and can master their first independent trips under their parents' supervision.

The Puky Ceety can can be used in practically every situation, even going to the shops. The PUKY CAT S6 Ceety is a useful and fun everyday companion. It's detachable storage tray has a variable, full height integrated carrier bag. This lets small purchases be stored without any problems. When at home the carrier bag can be taken off easily so that little things can be carried inside quickly. Children sit extremely comfortably and safely on the PUKY CAT S6 Ceety because the ergonomics are optimally adjusted for young passengers. The high backrest and adaptive footrests even make longer trips possible in city mode.Parents find it quite pleasant when pushing the tricycle because the ergonomic Vario comfort guide pole offers the same comfort as other high quality buggies.

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Puky CAT S6 'Ceety' trike features

  • Adjustable parent pole handle
  • Removable "CityBag" with Shoulder Strap
  • Removable Storage Tray
  • Luxury Air less Tyres
  • Soft Ergonomic Parent Pole
  • Removable Seat back
  • 5 Point Safety Harness
  • Patented Footrest DF1 'Discofeet'

Puky Ceety Trike highlights

  • Built in steering limit
  • Steering lock
  • Hand Brake
  • Multi Positional Seat
  • Automatic Free Wheel with Locking
  • Safety Handlebar Grips
  • High Quality Powder Coating

From 85cm